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A Prophetic Network Indestructible
Prophet of God, will you rise up and take the position allotted to you? Will you stand in the face of adversity and proclaim "Thus Saith the Lord Now is the time for change?" Will you dare to be what you are called to be? That is, being a leader in the Body of Christ. Stop blaming the Pastors and get down to business... Click Here to Read More


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Combining the power of the spirit with the sword of the Word, you will find a course that will empower you for your calling.

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Journey to Maturity

When we don't get things right at the very first try, we often tend to get discouraged and are tempted to give up in despair. The Lord Jesus doesn't think like that about you at all. Go and read Sonie's encouragement for you, "Journey to Maturity" to find out what the Lord thinks and how you can rise up successfully out of every challenging situation.

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Introduction to the course lessons

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